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Petanque Techniques

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La roulette: your boule is rolled all the way from your circle to the coch. Used mainly on hard, smooth terrains. Whether you stand, bend forward or squat to make a throw depends largely on the type of terrain you are using. As a general rule for pointing you need to be higher off the ground on a terrain that is rough and closer to the ground when the terrain is smooth.
La demi-Portée: half-lob, the boule lands about half-way between the circle and the coch and then rolls. A common shot, used to land the boule to avoid any stones, blocking boules, etc. The terrain needs to be reasonably smooth, to allow the boule to roll forward in a line directly to the target. You will pay particular attention to where your ball lands so that you can adjust your next throw as necessary.
Portée/plombée: high-lob, the boule is thrown high with a lot of backspin, so that it descends almost vertically and lands near the coch. A difficult shot to learn but very effective on wet terrains or thicker gravel where the boule doesn’t roll as much, or where there are blocking boules. The throw is difficult to master but a very effective one when carried out correctly.
Pointing: the stance can either be squatting or standing. Squatting offers the best view of the terrain and is the recommended stance, especially for shorter ends, 6 to 8m, and hard, rolling terrains. Anyway a stable stance is vital for throwing a boule, find out which positions are most comfortable.

The Landing Spot (la donnée): selecting la donnée is the key to successful pointing. Reading the terrain and choosing the correct landing spot is a key skill required for accurate pointing. The landing spot should be flat and free from stones that will deflect the boule. Remember the rules allow the team about to play to fill in any one hole. This can help prepare the landing spot. Although many players do it, especially in informal, friendly games, you are not allowed to smooth over the terrain or prepare a landing spot during a game.
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